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Fullbore Africa’s mission is to provide innovative and practical construction solutions for building projects of all sizes employing modern technology.

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Our light gauge steel frame and other containerized products provide you various cost and time saving benefits.

Fullbore Africa exceeds customer’s expectations by providing innovative construction solutions for projects of all sizes, converting even the most imaginative architectural ideas into workable and long lasting structural models. At Fullbore we specialize in constructing light gauge steel frame and other pre-engineered containerized structures for application as offices, warehouses, shops, restaurants, bars, clinics, living quarters, computer labs, kitchens, decks, interior partitions, and more. If you can envision it, we can build it!

With 20 years of business experience, we have maintained a roster of satisfied clients including dozens of prominent relief agencies, contractors, farms, retail businesses, agricultural estates, government organizations, hospitality establishments, and academic institutions throughout the East African region. Contact us today to determine how we can implement an innovative construction solution that satisfies your business or organizational needs, increases your profits, and boosts your productivity.


Light Gauge Steel Framed (LGSF) modular pre-engineered structures which can be erected anywhere in a matter of weeks. This product is a greatly appreciated solution for the oil industry, relief agencies, contractors, farms and agricultural estates and privates alike.

Containerized living quarters, ablution blocks and offices for remote areas, relief operations and construction sites.

Fully operational computer labs in modular form for both private and public schools.

Customized decks and tent platforms and frames for the tourism industry in East Africa.

Advantages of Our Products for Your Builds



Due to the light weight of light gauge steel, buildings can be constructed in less time than it takes with other materials, saving building costs.


Light gauge steel frame buildings won’t rot or corrode. The long lasting nature of light gauge steel makes the product a smart investment.



Light gauge steel material is recyclable, and thus more environmentally-friendly.



Light gauge steel can be clad and insulated with a wide variety of building materials to create a look that matches your vision.


Wider range of options for where to erect light gauge steel structures compared to traditional building, which results in less money wasted on site surveys.


Compared to other materials, (wood, for example), the weight to strength ratio of light gauge steel is better.


Light gauge steel products have the lightest foundation requirements, resulting in reduced time and costs of construction.



Modifications are relatively easy to make during the lifetime of a light gauge steel construction.

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